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Lee Trevino is a retired professional golfer. Chrysler is an American auto manufacturer that is currently owned by Italian car-maker Fiat, registered in the Netherlands, and based in London. The Gran Fury was popular with police departments and taxi companies. Hooker , which aired from My dinner with Mitchell. My Dinner with Andre is a film about two men played by Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory having dinner in a restaurant and exchanging brittle bon mots. The film is a favorite among the arty crowd and is frequently cited as the epitome of art-house fare.

Oop, boom mike, big time. Top center of the screen. Sorry, bud, we thought you were Rockford. See note on The Rockford Files , above. James Garner got in frequent fistfights on The Rockford Files , many of which he ignominiously lost. Mitchell, honey, do you have any New Age or something? Helen Keller was a writer and educator who was deaf and blind. As a child she was left deaf, blind, and dumb after being afflicted with a disease, which may have been scarlet fever. She was unable to communicate with the outside world until a young woman named Anne Sullivan became her teacher and taught her to communicate by drawing letters on her hand.

She ultimately learned to speak and graduated from Radcliffe College in She became a champion for the cause of educating physically disabled students. Her story was told in the play The Miracle Worker , which was made into an award-winning movie in Oh, how I long for The Burning Bed right now. The Burning Bed is a made-for-TV movie starring Farrah Fawcett as a battered wife who kills her husband by setting him on fire in his sleep. A vase, or two faces?

This is a reference to a famous optical illusion, consisting of a black-and-white illustration. See notes on Yanni and John Derek , above. Um, how about some BTO? Tic Tacs are a brand of breath mint that was first marketed in I wanted a Super Soaker. The Super Soaker is a popular toy water gun made by Hasbro.

Merlin Olsen sent him that painting. See note on Merlin Olsen , above. Sirens was a TV drama about the lives of three policewomen in Pittsburgh. It aired from Nobody asked for a prostitute, we can take her right away The declining years of Lee Majors. So, tell me, Merlin, do you know Roman Gabriel? He and Merlin Olsen were teammates in L.

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The Shriners are a fraternal organization known for hosting circuses, donning fezzes, and driving comically small cars in parades. Get me some flowers pronto, Merlin. Poor Merlin will never live that down, will he? You know he was in the Pro Bowl 14 times in his year career? But sure, flowers, whatever.

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Tuna wiggle is a popular comfort food—it is usually a baked tuna-noodle casserole, but in some regions the name tuna wiggle describes creamed tuna served on toast. So, are you ready to join Hair Club yet? Hair Club For Men is a company dedicated to baldness cures; it offers everything from bald-friendly shampoos to hair transplants. Ding Dongs are a chocolate-covered, cream-filled snack cake manufactured by Hostess.

They were first introduced in Booze is good food. The Orion Pictures Corporation was a movie production company founded in It made films like Platoon and Amadeus, but the company experienced severe financial difficulties during the late s and early s, and in it declared bankruptcy. Is that a Slim Jim? Can I have that? Are you done with that? Slim Jims are a brand of jerky snacks marketed primarily to teens and manufactured by ConAgra Foods. They were first produced in Philadelphia in by Adolph Levis. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen. Oh my goodness, I think B. Thomas is in his room!

Adam Rich! Tonight, on Crossfire. It first aired in The inspiration for Cop and a Half. Schlitz is a brand of cheap beer made in Milwaukee. The Loving Handful. There you go. Claude Akins was a burly character actor who tended to play villains, gunfighters, sheriffs, and cops. You got port here? Port is a sweet red wine, usually fortified meaning brandy is added to it to make it stronger , with origins in Portugal. It was written by Richard Gerard and Henry Armstrong and first published in In the Marx Brothers movie Monkey Business , the brothers sing the song while hiding in barrels.

Thanks to Justin Butela for the Marx Bros. Be careful with that horse, young man. Thanks to Kyle Tekaucic for this reference.

Peller died in Just keep driving, Hoke. The part was played by Morgan Freeman. Oh, I just felt the balloon break! The practice is a risky one, since not infrequently the balloon breaks, poisoning the smuggler. Scag is one of many slang terms for heroin. Scarface is a film about a Cuban immigrant who takes control of a drug empire in Miami.

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It starred Al Pacino in the title role. Quality is job one, yep. A dickey is a kind of false shirt-front, basically a collar with just enough fabric below it to hold it in place, meant to be worn under another shirt or jacket. Oh, no, not the Catalina Caper! A reference to Show , Catalina Caper.

The Twenty-six Malignant Gates: Introduction, “Rules of the Game,” & “The Voice from the Wall”

The theme song, written by composer George Wyle and show producer Sherwood Schwartz, was justly famous. See note on Eischied , above. Much better title. The gods must be crazy! In the film The Gods Must Be Crazy , a tribesman in the Kalahari desert finds a Coke bottle and decides to return it to God, whose possession he thinks it must be, by throwing it off the edge of the world. We are two wild and crazy guys! Oh, this must be Dateline NBC.

In November , the news program Dateline NBC aired a segment on a certain kind of General Motors trucks that supposedly had a tendency to blow up in side collisions—which the news crew captured on tape. Unfortunately, it turned out that the producers had rigged the truck with small incendiaries to make sure it would explode on cue. Andy Kaufman! Andy Kaufman was a comedian and actor remembered both for his bizarre acts, which included lounge singing and wrestling, and for his appearances as Latka Graves on the TV series Taxi. He died young in An imitation of Andy Kaufman's standup character Foreign Man, which was adapted into Latka see previous note.

Foreign Man liked to impersonate celebrities, like Archie Bunker and Jimmy Carter, in a thick, vaguely international accent. There went Bronson. See note on Schlitz , above. From maritime polymers for boats to the fuel in this helicopter, 3M, building the future.

The Annotated MST - Mitchell

See note on 3M , above. The starship Enterprise was the spaceship in the TV series Star Trek and the series of movies that followed , which aired from It's the miracle acrylic bubble that makes it possible. According to Sampo, this is a line from an old 3M commercial. Now this looks positively Baywatchian. It starred David Hasselhoff as a veteran lifeguard who watches paternally over a string of younger, extremely good-looking lifeguards. PT PT is a dramatization of President John F.

Hey, is that Paul Hogan in the middle there? Boatniks 2: The Final Conflict.

The Great Gatsby (Chapter III) Lyrics

The Boatniks is a film comedy about three inept jewel thieves. Riptide was a TV series about three Vietnam veterans turned private detectives. Jimmy Osmond, all grown up.