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Born in Devon, England, Jeff now lives in Cornwall where the horizons are clear and bright. He has been a freelance television underwater and wildlife cameraman from the age of 22, filming mostly for BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. With this book, Jeff takes the reader through all the basics of film-making and editing underwater wildlife video. How to choose a camera and underwater housing, finding and filming the subject, right through to the editing process on your home computer.

Filming the Wild

Jeff enables the production of a quality video presentation with music and narration. Throughout the book, Jeff shares some of his more poignant experiences from filming on location.

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  • His stories explore our relationships with the natural world and our place within it. His love of the oceans is evident throughout and so encourages any reader to look at the marine environment as a unique and magnificent ecosystem.

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    • A Guide to Underwater Wildlife Video & Editing.
    • I've been doing minor underwater filming with small cameras for professional films for the last few years but needed to up my game to the level of a basic professional and the book provided me with the theory to do just that and has me well placed now to go and practice what it taught me. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets.

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      Underwater Camera Set-Up

      Social Media. As seen on:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jim Church's unsurpassed ability to present complicated topics in a clear and easy-to-digest manner is thoroughly evident in this superbly organized guide.

      2. Pre-set your Camera Field of View

      Even beginners will get professional results fast by following Church's step-by-step instructions. Many of today's professionals got started with a camera in one hand, and Jim's articles and books in the other.

      What Does “4K” Mean?

      Jim's writings and photographs have appeared hundreds of times during the past 30 years in photography, travel and dive magazines, and newspapers. Today, he teaches underwater photography and leads photographic expeditions worldwide.

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