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The deterioration of the weather conditions forced him to moor to a Russian ship, which resulted in a complaint procedure against the sailor, who had received assistance in the operation. Meanwhile, the two leaders were slowed down and saw Dick and Thomson come back in their wake. On December 28th, only Di Benedetto had not yet entered the Pacific, sailing about 4, miles away from the head of the fleet.

Week 8 Even when the leaders were somehow slowed down while approaching Cape Horn, their nearest competitor, Jean-Pierre Dick, remained miles away when they rounded the legendary rock on January 1st, But skippers would have to wait some more for some relief as the way down towards the extreme south of the Chilean archipelago was made under the threat of icebergs believed to have drifted all the way up to Staten Island. At the same time, Di Benedetto entered the Pacific Ocean. A little less than two days later, Dick rounded the last cape of the race, miles before Thomson.

We then had to wait for six and a half days to see Le Cam coming back into the Atlantic. He opened the way to a squad that had grown in the Southern Seas. It meant he was out of the race just before the jury confirmed his disqualification.

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Week 9 — Week 11 Even if Cape Horn was now behind them, the route was still long and if the leaders had then left the Southern Seas, they quickly faced winds of 45 knots and 6-metre swell. For the leading trio, the way up the Atlantic began abruptly and cruelly for Dick, who — after a great comeback on the leading duo — had to slow down in order to repair his main stay.

A problem with his gennaker in the Le Maire Strait made him lose ground again when he managed to return on Gabart, only 10 miles behind him. On January 6th, a shift in the west he thought beneficial became a real nightmare, as the crossing became more complicated than expected. This would be the largest gap in the race. It was definitely a historic day, which saw the finishes of two exceptionally gifted young sailors, the first to single-handedly sail around the world on a monohull in less than 80 days.


Two days later, Alex Thomson takes the third place of the podium thanks to an amazing performance on a second-generation boat built in The last skipper to finish the race was Alessandro Di Benedetto, 11th but still celebrated as if he had won the race. Even though he was in 9th position when he crossed the Equator, Javier Sanso was not that lucky. On February 3, he lost his keel miles south of the Azores, which capsised his boat.

The Spaniard was eventually rescued by the Portuguese navy. The shore-side fans were taking their evening aperitifs when The Professor was slowed back to just two knots at one stage. At hrs GMT he had 82 miles to the finish line. For him this morning his final sunrise over the Atlantic. To the east an orange glow appears timidly attempting to warm up the atmosphere.

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Soon it will be re-entry time. The culture shock from lonely soloist to instant celebrity at the epicentre of the jubilations. Yesterday was the time for washing, shaving and making himself look presentable. Foncia toohas to be tidied up. So the damage cannot be hidden — there are stanchions missing after they were used to repair the rudder. On the bowsprit there are signs of lamination work.

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But inside at least, the boat can return to her pristine condition with all the bags neatly stowed. The dirty laundry and rubbish bags are hidden away out of view of the visitors. A final breakfast. Time to enjoy a hot coffee this morning, as there is no hurry. Soon it will be time for the first words to the waiting world, where every word will be listened to as if the gospel truth.

To the north a small trawler from the Isle of Yeu or from a Breton port.

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Just another chance encounter between the sailor and those who earn their livelihood on the sea, but the concentration reindexs right up to the finishing line. If Desjoyeaux has felt a few pangs of frustration they are a world away from the difficulties of his friend Roland Jourdain who reindexs in second place, some miles from the Azores.

Brit Air is now under miles behind Bilou. Roxy is still 84 miles ahead and making Now just miles behind Guillemot, he most now fancy his chances when the duo in front start to hit the Azores high pressure system. Siam and French Indo China. December to April Publication: She wrote of her adventures in in her book "Vagabondage". Later in life when I met her in she then wrote an autobiography called "Century Story". She was an early female traveler, one of the first women to become a qualified Mechanical Engineer. I have all the books of her now. If this story is of interest to you and you feel she "qualifies" then I would be happy to send you copies of photos from her books.

She lived in Wonersh Surrey, very near to Elspeth Beard! With two motorcycles Gnome - Rhone, type R 3, , 1-Zyl. Michel rode with three friends on a Lambretta to Tibet. Student verzaubernd reisend die Welt. Anmerkung von B. Gustav Pfirrmann ist Journalist und ein echter Globetrotter.

Ich lernte ihn auf einem DZG-Treffen. Er ist in Landau beerdigt.

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Lune de Miel en motocyclettes. From the wedding bells round the world. Their plate-numbers were: BMU amd I think they were sponsored by "Motokov" in Prague. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them?? Published in Austrian magazin "Motorrad Nr. Who has fotos?

#14 Erster Atlantik-Törn: 600 Meilen von Cadiz nach Madeira

But they could not find any info. Watch the few petrol cans on his bike behind his feet. Before he has been working for two years in French Indochina as an aeroplane-mechanic.

The French Vespa Magazin rode an articel about him. Schrader Verlag GmbH. More fotos of the tour than the one on the website more. His father is 81 and living 1 hour from the museum. He will phone his fahther and ask him all. Er kennt seine Tochter. Peter Backhaus "on the road". Two screenshots out of the film "Farbzauber des Orients". Matthias Kirketerp C. Modell Only two flat tires.