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Marion Chesney. Beaton Goodreads Author. She was a bewitching minx, that pretty Polly Marsh, and she knew it. She also knew that beauty could be her passport into the castles where she had always known she belonged. So she set her cap for a duke and joined the firm of Westerman's as a stenographer. Surely one of that noble family would notice her and make all her dreams come true!

Pretty Polly Marsh just didn't k She was a bewitching minx, that pretty Polly Marsh, and she knew it. Pretty Polly Marsh just didn't know her place. But others did The duchess was beside herself. Peter's brother, the starchy Marquis of Wollerton, was desperate to pry Peter from Polly's side. But Polly was determined to have Peter -- and her dream. He wouldn't betray her now Get A Copy.

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To ask other readers questions about Polly , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Polly. Jun 14, Ivy H rated it really liked it Shelves: annoying-heroine , beautiful-heroine , feisty-funny-heroine , hero-celibate-during-separation , heroine-celibate-during-separation , heroine-lacking-common-sense , made-me-laugh , off-page-sex , read-this-again-list , sexy-hot-hero. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Polly Kindle Location Kindle Edition. This novel, set during the Edwardian era in London, centers on the ambitious aims of an aggressively upwardly mobile 19 yr old working class heroine called Polly Marsh. Polly lives in the Cockney area of Stone Lane, Shoreditch and she's the only member of her family who is educated and can speak in the correct upper class manner, using the proper Received Pronunciation accent aka the Oxford or the BBC Pronunciation.

Polly is very vain because she thinks that her elocution lessons and her outstanding beauty have earmarked her for a lifestyle among the aristocrats. She's not a very a likable heroine, at first, because she's full of herself and everything she does is geared towards lassoing herself a rich, aristocratic husband.

Her family members and her neighbours in Stone Lane have all inadvertently contributed to Polly's delusions of grandeur: The elocution lessons had been the brainchild of her schoolteacher, Miss James.

Pretty Polly

Polly Kindle Locations Polly loves her family but is also very ashamed of them because of the way they speak, dress and because they lack her ambitions. This is all part of her special husband hunting scheme because the firm is owned by the Duke of Westerman and he has 2 eligible sons: Edward, the Marquis of Wollerton the Hero and Lord Peter. Polly is convinced that her sublime blonde, blue eyed beauty will mesmerize the younger son Peter.

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  • She's rather naive and is over confident because all the people in Stone Lane have filled her head with the notion that she's the most fabulous beauty in all of England. This is Polly: When Polly turns up to work, she's depressed to discover that neither of the duke's sons work at or visit the firm regularly. Edward, the H, has his own business interests and Peter is a playboy. The novel provides an interesting look at working life for a female in a male dominated society and company. Polly doesn't make many friends at work because she's too standoffish and focused on her own ambitious goals, but she does manage to attract the attention of an infatuated clerk called Bob Friend.

    This guy had been courting the only other female employee - a plain young lady called Amy Feathers - but he became so dazzled by Polly that he soon started to ignore the less attractive woman. Polly wasn't interested in Bob but only cultivated his friendship to see what sort of information she could garner about the duke's sons. This is Edward, the H: This is Lord Peter, the younger brother that Polly has set her sights on: Polly gets herself into quite a few embarrassing situations in her effort to attract Peter's attentions. She borrows clothing and accessories from other people in order to impress the duke and his family and he even invites herself inside their mansion at Bevington Chase even though she knows that she's not supposed to be there. She borrows a dress from a seamstress who worked for the local theatre; the dress was made for the local production of "Lady Windermere's Fan" and Polly is quite proud of how she looks in this gown.

    This situation is humiliating but Polly being Polly comes out of it unscathed, even when all her fellow employees start to dislike her and make horrible comments about the way she aspires to reach beyond her present social station in life. Her boss' wife, Mrs. Baines, comes to loathe Polly and keeps pestering poor henpecked Mr. Baines to fire the heroine: Mr. It was amusing to see how Polly coped with other women's envy and jealousy; she often ignored it, like water rolling off a duck's back and that just served to infuriate Mrs.

    Baines, Amy Feathers and even the lofty Duchess of Westerman herself. The duchess loathed Polly because she saw that her younger son Peter was attracted to the heroine and she couldn't bear to have a daughter in law from the working class. Most of the duchess' efforts was spent trying to get the H Edward to put a stop to any romantic relationship between Peter and Polly. Peter didn't have any honorable intentions, however. He only wanted to make Polly his mistress but the silly and naive heroine who had never had a boyfriend thought that he wanted to marry her. The H managed to save Polly from being seduced by Peter by sending his brother to work at one of Westerman's foreign companies.

    Polly continued to write letters to Peter but the latter soon got engaged to an upper class English expatriate. The lecherous toad still intended to make Polly his mistress when he returned to England and the stupid heroine thought that he was going to break his engagement and marry her instead.

    The Duchess of Westerman is portrayed as an overweight, unhygienic lady who doesn't bathe regularly. In fact, the author even highlights occasions where the H, her son, and other characters are a bit disgusted at the grimy build up of muck on the duchess' neck and back.

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    That made me laugh a lot because I kept thinking of this high and mighty snobbish lady who thinks she's better than Polly yet other characters are unable to stand close to her due to her body odour and clothing with stained collars. This is the Duchess of Westerman: This is a coming of age story for Polly, because the heroine undergoes a lot of drastic changes before she finally becomes a nice human being at the end.

    Polly gets herself into a bit of a bind when she lies to the H and his brother Peter and tells them that her parents are dead. That was her lowest point and I was very disappointed at how low she had sunk in her effort to try and impress these aristocrats. She even moves out of her home and starts to live in a young working women's hostel, because she doesn't want Peter or the H to see where her parents live in Stone Lane. But some of the best parts of the story deal with her Cockney relatives in Stone Lane.

    Alf and Mary Marsh were funny and lovable characters. They're poor and hardworking but they're honest and it was sad to see how much Polly hurt them when she tried to distance herself from them, in her efforts to acquire an aristocratic suitor.

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    The chemistry between Polly and Edward was strong from the very first time they meet but the obstinate heroine thinks that Peter is the easier brother to go after. It's always Edward, the H, who gets her out of trouble, who is polite and sweet to her parents and who is there to protect her from the stupidity of her own actions. Edward becomes besotted with Polly but is at first reluctant to act on it because, unlike his brother, he is not the type who seduces virgins like Polly. The heroine is so naive about sex and romance that she even wonders if she's gotten pregnant after a heavy make out session with Edward.

    I grew to like Polly as time passed because all of her inner vulnerabilities were gradually revealed; she became more and more disillusioned when her fairytale plans started to fall apart. Baines and Lady Blenkinsop.