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Glad Tidings ended its long service in Flagstaff, Arizona. The car perhaps was purchased from the North Western Railroad, where it may have been used as a business car, chair car, or caboose.

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Summer's heat, which sent temperatures soaring inside the chapel car, would cause the missionaries to put up the awnings. While Dr. Wayland Hoyt was offering the prayer of dedication, a dove was seen flying toward the car. As it reached a point directly over where Hoyt stood on the platform, the dove made several circles in its flight.

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The few who saw it said it was a thrilling sight. To provide the finishing touches, the women of the Detroit Woodward Avenue Church furnished the car with linens, bedding, dishes, and other household items, and the men of the First Baptist Church of Galveston, Texas, purchased a handsome brass lectern.

Catholic Church Extension Society, St. Anthony, occurred on June 16, So Faith signs up for Poetry and forces Hope to come along. But it is the same night as the night Charley is getting an award for being a good orthodontist. Hope chooses Faith and it creates a rift between the married couple. So Hope tag-a-long with Faith only get humiliated.

Mount Juliet police say distracted driver's vehicle hits police SUV along Interstate 40

Faith surprises the entire family with personal, extravagant Christmas gifts, including an expensive gold watch for Charley. Mishap ensues when Charley gives the watch to a co-worker and it turns out the watch is fake gold. Charley complains about his love life with Hope and they decide to spice things up. However, they begin to sneak around behind Faith's back and it is only a matter of time until Faith finds out.

The Gooch returns but with a new Zen lifestyle that doesn't let him use his cell phone, car and no sex either for a life of celibacy and meditation. Faith decides to move on to her yoga instructor, making The Gooch jealous a big fight turns out. Eventually, he is forced to reveal the real reason why he's back from Japan he got fired because its a different baseball game in Japan.

Handsome Hal is back! But he's now homeless and decides to team up with Faith. After a bumpy start, The Gooch and Jack bond but Faith is surprised when her dad tells her that The Gooch isn't right for her so Faith decides to spruce up Gary's image. Meanwhile, Hope has her own issues because it seems like the party has shifted its focus to Faith.

Faith's agent suggests she gets some new head shots taken and Faith as usual mis-interprets.

WATCH Car enthusiasts raise money for Clark County shelter

Charley, after trying to ruin Faith's career offers to shoot the head shots and it turns out to be a success. And for every resident who hates the idea of banning cars or parking , there are several who welcome it.

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